Absolut Raspberri Vodka

Absolut Raspberri Vodka Sweden  Ahus Kosher Spirits  Vodka
Product ID: 11848
Region: Sweden, Ahus
Type: Kosher Spirits, Vodka
Size: 1000ml
ABV%: 40.0
GTIN: 835229008403
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"Absolut Raspberri is made exclusively from natural ingredients, and unlike most other flavored vodkas, it doesn't contain any added sugar. It's rich and intense with the fresh and fruity character of ripened raspberries." —producer
"Clear. Aromas of raspberry powder candy, citrus marmalade, and pepper. A brisk entry leads to a dry light-to-medium body of gravel, salt dust, and faint raspberry gelatin flavors. Finishes on a bitter rind, spiky mineral and alcohol note." —Beverage Testing Institute

"The opening perfume is extremely raspberry-like; aeration tones down the jammy intensity a little as the bouquet turns seed-like. The palate entry is fruity, mildly sweet, ripe and pleasant; at midpalate there's a slight embers-on-the-tongue warmth that accompanies the ripe raspberry flavor. Ends comfortably fruity and acidic." —P.P., Wine Enthusiast Magazine
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