Houdini Wine Preserver Set

Houdini Wine Preserver Set  Vacuum Savers  Stoppers
Product ID: 28282
Type: Vacuum Savers, Stoppers
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GTIN: 022578055770
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"You've spent an entertaining evening over several bottles of wine, but now you have a bunch of half-empty bottles sitting in the kitchen. What to do? Enjoy them to the end with the Houdini Wine Preserver vacuum pump, which removes the air from opened wine bottles to preserve the wine taste and bouquet. Without the vacuum seal, the oxygen-exposed wine will stale quickly, dramatically affecting the flavor. This ergonomically designed pump is simple to use, and it will let you drink the wine up to two weeks later with few ill effects. The pump comes with two pushbutton stoppers, each of which seals the vacuum tightly. The stoppers also release the vacuum at the touch of a button." —manufacturer
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