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Belaria Extra Virgin Olive Oil

"Agricola Belaria’s extra virgin olive oil is a top-notch oil produced from olives with organic integrated systems that guarantee high quality standards. It has a light and balanced taste and a distinctive and intense olive aroma well-blended with vegetables, fruit and grass scents." —producer

Raineri Gold Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

"This extra virgin olive oil is rich and buttery with a light Ligurian flavor which has made extra virgin olive oils from this region so very prized. This Gold Labeled Ranieri is unfiltered extra virgin olive oil which gives it greater depth and body. The olives are collected by pickers, either with large wicker baskets, or by spreading large nets around the base of each tree and shaking it. As soon as they are harvested, the olives are taken to the frantoio - or mill - where the oil must be extracted within a week. The best oil is produced from olives processed one or two days after picking. The olives are then cleaned in cold water and then crushed. The kneaded pulp is layered on fibrous mats and pressed between huge stones or metal plates. The whole process takes place without using any heat or chemicals!" —producer

Terre Bormane Aulente White Dressing

"This special dressing made with white vinegar and grape must is excellent for salads and all raw foods. Thanks to its transparent, clear consistency it is ideal for sauces, white meat and fish as it does not darken or alter the original color of the food. Its characteristic flower-scented aroma and sweet and sour, fresh and well balanced, harmonic taste, make it ideal for all uses." —producer
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