Samuel Smith's Pure Organic Lager

"Bright straw-gold color; medium body. Pure barley malt flavor and herbal hops in perfect balance. Clean and crisp, with brilliant conditioning." —importer
Manufacturer: Samuel Smith
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"Appearance: Pale yellow straw with a white well retaining lace.

"Smell: Clean lager smell with slight hop and malt aromas. Smell like fresh cut hay and cooled biscuits.

"Taste: A complex dryness with beautiful malt flavour and even semi grassy hop bitterness. The full pale malt spectrum is in the flavour...malt, husk, grain, etc. Semi clean palate through and through...hop character stays for a bit. Finish is clean with a hint of grain.

"Notes: This is a good classic lager from a legendary brewery though there are lots of other lagers that are comparable at a cheaper price. Top notch of an English Lager; give it a try." —Jason Alström, BeerAdvocate
Products specifications
Country United Kingdom
Size 550ML
Region England
IBU 25
Beer Types European Pale Lager
Beer Types Organic Beer
ABV% 10.0