Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout

"At one time promoted as a drink for lactating mothers, oatmeal stout was described as nutritional on early labels. Oats are in the same family as barley, and a small addition yields great flavor and adds smooth body. Popular in the late 1800s, the last oatmeal stout was brewed before the Second World War until Samuel Smith reintroduced this style in 1980. Almost opaque, with an unusually silky texture and complex, medium-dry velvet palate. Bittersweet finish. Pizza and salad, Italian foods, steamed clams, grilled ahi tuna, lobster with drawn butter, steak, ploughman's lunch, crumpets, shish kebabs, vegetable ragout and eggs Florentine, dark flavorful bread and aged Stilton. Serve at 55 °F." —importer
Manufacturer: Samuel Smith
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"Appearance: Ink black with a wonderful light tan lace which leaves rings all the way down the glass.

"Smell: Mildly acidic dark malt twang, a little earthy and some sweetness also.

"Taste: Smooth as silk with a crisp full body to boot. A strong roasted malt flavour pushes everything make way for a creamy sweetness. There seem to be an hidden earthy undertone throughout...most likely from the Yorkshire yeast. Hop bitterness is vague yet keeps the sweetness in check. A semi dry falls on the palate as soon as the sweetness fades. Dark roasted coffee, over caramelized buttery toffee and dark sweetened chocolate flavours swirl around the tastebuds to make for a bittersweet finish.

"Notes: A cult classic among beer geeks dating back to 1980...let's have a moment of silence in honour of this fine brew...if you want to jump into the world of stouts give this one a try, you might be surprised and actually love it...I did that is for sure." —Jason Alström, BeerAdvocate

"Ruddy brown color. Aromas and flavors of grain husk and chocolate cherry granola nut bar with a chewy, fruity-yet-dry medium-to-full body and a crisp, lavish, perfectly balanced finish. A benchmark for the style." —Beverage Testing Institute

"Balanced and exceptionally smooth, this pours an opaque dark-brown color in the glass, with a glimmer of soft garnet and a dense tan head. Initial aromas of milky oatmeal and whole-grain bread are followed by nuances of sweet spice and dried fruit, almost like cinnamon-raisin bread. The mouthfeel is lush and creamy, but with good carbonation to keep the dense flavors of toasted grain, milk chocolate and lightly roasted coffee from feeling too heavy. Touches of sweet smoke and hop linger on the long finish." —Lauren Buzzeo, Wine Enthusiast Magazine (92 points)

Gold, 2012 World Beer Championships
Products specifications
Country United Kingdom
Size 550ML
Region England
Critic: Beverage Testing Institute 93
IBU 32
Beer Types Stout
ABV% 0.00